Wines of the region

The heart of wine country

If you like wine, there is nowhere better than this part of France and nothing beats a visit to a local vineyard to sample the wares. The vineyards of the sweet dessert wines of Monbazillac are just a few kilometres away, as too the wine region of Bergerac with its many vineyards and wine shops. And only very slightly further afield, you have the internationally-renowned Bordeaux wine region, and the lesser known, but no less note-worth Cahors wines.


Medieval towns

Medieval fortified towns, so-called bastide towns, were built in the 12th and 13th centuries across this part of the Dordogne region to protect local populations from attack. There are over a dozen such towns nearby, including the stunning towns of Domme and Montpazier (the best preserved of all bastide towns), as well as Eymet and Issigeac much closer to home.


Walking & cycling

The region is dotted with marked trails and there is plenty to keep walkers of all levels busy. Try a nearby walk in Issigeac or down one of the many pathways criss-crossing the Dordogne. There are self-guided walks to try as well as hiking along the beautiful GR routes passing nearby - the East-West GR 6 route and North-South GR 654. As for cycling - the region is not too hilly, so get lost on country roads, try one of the marked circuits around Issigeac, or cycle specific trails such as those offered by Sitytrail or Bikemap.


Horse-riding & canoeing

There are other exciting ways to experience nature and see the region from another perspective. Canoeing on the Dordogne river is a great family day out and there are many companies offering rentals nearby. Or with so much open countryside, why not try horse-riding? It feels like going back to another age and there's a great equestrian centre up the road at Faux for rides and lessons for all ages and levels.

Early humans in Europe

"Cro-magnon" in Dordogne

A unique UNESCO world heritage site, the pre-historic caves of the Vézère valley in the Dordogne are spectacular. The first modern European settlers lived in the area during the last ice-age and their painted caves offer a magnificent insight into how our modern ancestors lived. You can visit many of these caves and sites across the region, including the world famous caves at Lascaux.

And don't forget ..

The amazing food

The Dordogne (Perigord) is famed for its foie gras, truffles, wines, walnuts, and mushrooms as well as its local cheeses, jams, and honey among many other things. It's a pure delight to sample the famous food markets that dot the area, bringing villages and towns alive during the summer months. It seems that every town or village has some kind of market, including the well-known and highly popular food market in Issigeac every Sunday. A great alternative if you're staying with us is to pre-order some local delicacies from Emmanuel at jm-monterroir and he'll deliver so you can already savour wonderful Dordogne food as soon as you arrive.

You can also download tourist brochures from the Bergerac  tourist information centre.